Our conviction is simple: Interrupt succeeds only when our clients (and their clients) succeed.

Therefore, we measure our success by whether we have enabled each of our clients to reach their business goals and outperform their market. These are just some examples of the results we’ve helped our clients achieve with various channel audiences.

Builders: By strengthening brand positioning and developing new tools for an exterior product manufacturer, we enabled a 37% sales increase (and an even higher percentage of profit) with builders and secured the NAHB’s Best Marketing Program award.

Retail: Enhancing a client’s selection process, merchandising approach and packaging design drove 16% sales increase and incremental shelf space.

Dealer: Introducing a new dealer loyalty program helped our client gain 300+ new dealers, drove their upgrade product mix, and helped increase sales by up to 55% per dealer.

Contractor: A new branding approach and product launch in the tankless hot water space accounted for 50% of client’s overall sales within the first six months, driving their sales and profits growth past market performance.

Architect: A new product positioning, channel strategy and product launch campaign directed at the architect for a major masonry manufacturer resulted in 17% stronger spec share.