unpacking the perks of working with progress

With so many house flippers trying to make a quick buck off the housing market, it’s hard for owners to find a buyer they trust. To help Progress Residential rise above the noise, we developed a playful yet refined new brand that spotlights their no-pressure approach to home-buying.


the opportunity

Break negative perceptions of real estate investment companies in general and attract more independent single-family rental property owners who are looking to sell.

the process

Our research uncovered that different landlords have different motivations. We used that information to build a brand that engages each audience according to their needs and priorities.

we delivered

A personable brand that incorporates humor and business expertise in equal parts, inviting single family rental property owners to discover how Progress can help ease a complicated transaction.


new name for a unique approach

The Progress name is well known as a rental company. But when it comes to buying, owners had little idea where to start. We helped create a new sub-brand, Progress HOME (Home Offers Made Easy) with a name that uniquely communicates what they do.

sell your rental without being sold

The brand pillars below highlight three key reasons landlords should choose Progress HOME over the other guys.

brand pillars

bringing it all back home

In real estate, it's easy to focus on the houses. But in reality, it's all about people. This windows-inspired graphic alludes to the physical structure of the house while allowing us to showcase all the ways Progress HOME puts people first.

conversation without commitment

It can be rare for a brand to be truly open about the way they work. We helped Progress make a big leap toward true transparency with a full step-by-step buying process and a quiz to let potential sellers check out Progress without committing to a sales call.


right on target

As part of the rebrand, we created laser-focused digital ads loaded with character and catchy messages targeted directly at sellers’ major pain points.

single quarter results


ready to be uncomfortable?

If you're ready to push beyond the status quo, we're ready to get to work.