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Took what he learned from 20 years of corporate sales and business leadership in the building products space and created the kind of agency partner he always wanted as a client.

100% Fearless
100% Driven

Bill Rossiter

CEO and Principal

A marketing pro turned insights guru, this recovering adrenaline junkie channels his need for speed into deep research and strategic leadership to help take our work to the next level.

80% avid motocrosser
0% boring

Sandy Embrescia-Hridel

Director of Strategic Insights

An award-winning designer and accomplished professor with a passion for timeless design and the experience to quickly dissect the challenge at hand.

90% Pinball Wizard
100% NY Sarcasm

Matt Davis

Creative Director

Aly is committed to always exploring and learning while bettering her craft. Her penchant for blending new with old, nostalgia with advancement, and work with play drives her particular style of design.

75% Polish
25% Antique Collector

Aly Krajewski

Graphic Designer

With past roles in scent marketing, digital media and Brooklyn-based start-ups, he has a nose for what’s next.

50% Ambidextrous
50% Beer Geek

Bill Giacci

Project Manager

While his timesheets are notoriously late and (ahem) dog-eared, we let it slide on account of Dozer’s many years of loyal service.

100% Loyal
0% Squirrel lover


office escort

Bringing more than a decade of big-box retail and building products marketing experience, he's not afraid to ask the tough questions that lead to strategic insights and creative solutions for his clients.

100% fueled by chips & queso
100% buckeye

Kyle Rhine

senior account executive

With nearly two decades of agency experience and a relentlessly upbeat attitude, she handily juggles ever-changing details against fixed deadlines to get each job done right.

100% Baseball Mom

Suzanne Silva

Director of Operations

His passion for people and client success has allowed him to develop strong relationships with clients at all levels and help drive strategic thinking across organizations.

100% girl dad
0% introvert

Brian Dean

Director of Client Services


A respected pro in mar-com, media relations and writing, she blends 20+ years of building materials and home improvement experience with a “can do” attitude and dependable results for client longevity that exceeds the norm.

100% Driven
0% Fake News

Maureen Murray

Public Relations

Turned a passion for dance into 20+ years of choreographing complex media buys with balance, strength, flexibility and grace.

100% negotiator
0% negativity

Tricia Knight

Senior Media Manager

From big ideas to subtle tweaks, she mines the intersection of facts, emotion and language to help build brands that connect with buyers in meaningful and lasting ways.

100% Inquisitive
0% Tolerant of Mean People

Jen Molnar

Director of Brand Content

Angie has over 25 years of agency experience. Highly technical and process driven, she continues to find new ways to take projects to the next level. She brings in-depth knowledge/creative flair for video production to the team.

50% Elphaba
50% Glinda
100% Wicked

Angie Coakley

Senior Project Manager

Matt Wittman

Oversees our electronic infrastructure, managing anything that beeps, buzzes or flickers, while supporting other key office functions to maximize uptime of both electronic and human resources.

100% American

Matt Wittman

Director of I.T. and Office Manager

Thrives on turning big picture thinking into actionable strategies and elements—as evidenced in nearly 20 years of developing integrated communications for leading brands and Fortune 500 clients.

100% polish
0% Dusting Skills

Keri Samiec

Strategic Account Manager

With a head for logic and an eye for style, she turns abstract concepts into rock solid brand and marketing elements, steadily unleashing awesome in print, digital and experiential forms.

100% Hufflepuff
0% Hateful

Erin Kunz

senior art director

Leads our team with a powerful fusion of creative and strategic insights honed over 20 years of cultivating major brands.

200% Competitive
0% Fake

Anita Holman

Executive Creative Director and Brand Strategist

With over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Shyla is detail oriented, organized, and works well under pressure. Her personal “brand” is to effectively manage projects so all the pieces and parts come together seamlessly.

50% great listener
50% loves dark humor

Shyla Helmintoller

project manager

Lives by the mantra that “failing to plan is planning to fail,” but after 16 years in agency work and 25 years in digital, she also knows how to go with the flow and adapt on the fly.

100% Loves Sunshine
100% Animal Lover

Karen Torok

Senior Project Manager - Digital

A fine art major and computer programming minor in college—Erik brings 20+ years of creating award winning digital experiences for fortune 500 clients to the team.

50% left brain
50% right brain
100% ready for a nap

Erik Porter

User Experience Strategist & Web Designer

With nearly a decade of diverse content experience, this "worker bee” has a contagious hunger for knowledge and a relentless positive attitude that brings out the best in those around her.

100% Passionate
50% high maintenance

Ashley Streichert


Previously did accounting for the agricultural industry, literally counting beans. Today we’re thrilled to have her improving yield and nurturing growth in our field.

100% polite
0% good at picking paint colors

Jolene Tanner

Director of HR and Finance

Emily Johnson

With years of hands-on experience in research, account project management roles, she pushes the envelope—and the team—to deliver within budget and beyond expectations.

0% Stationary
100% Smartass

Emily Johnson

Senior Account Executive

Never satisfied with "close enough," our resident Photoshop genius and mock-up guru has a meticulous eye for detail honed over 23 years of agency design and production work.

100% detailed
100% squirreled

Shannon Yocom

Production Manager

This one-time entrepreneur, poet, and now dedicated marketer utilizes sharp intuition & a borderline obsessive work ethic to help brands craft powerful stories that make your customers care.

99% english major
2% would like to be better at math

Ernest Turner

senior copywriter

Once managed the aesthetics of physical spaces, print pieces and digital experiences featuring priceless art. Now makes priceless contributions to our clients’ brand experiences.

50% Music Snob
50% Coffee Snob

Chris Graver

Senior Art Director

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