Karen Torok

Karen Torok
Senior Project Manager – Digital

I am: Thorough

What Karen likes best is getting things done and enabling others to do their best work. As a Project Manager, she lives by the mantra that “failing to plan is planning to fail,” but after 16 years in agency work and 25 years in digital, she also knows how to go with the flow and adapt on the fly. Away from the office, Karen enjoys hanging out with her kids, gardening, being outside on warm sunny days, supporting animal-related causes, and reading (when she can actually find a spare moment).

Favorite color:


Favorite children's book:

Rainbow Fish

Now playing:

Bastille and 80’s metal rock – My kids are a bit embarrassed about that last one.


Family, gardening, flowers, spending time at the pond, anything related to cats and going to the beach

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