Security Officer and Door Greeter

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I am: Loyal

While his timesheets are notoriously late and (ahem) dog-eared, we let it slide on account of Dozer’s many years of loyal service. Whether you need to be escorted from the microwave to the lunch table, patiently observed as you grab a handful of pretzels, or find yourself in need of a belly to scratch during a long day, Dozer is always ready and willing to help.

Favorite color:

75% Gray

Favorite children's book:

Clifford and the Squirrel

Now playing:

(What ever my master listens to. Without opposable thumbs, I cannot operate an iPod or stereo).


Chasing squirrels. Pulling my human on a bike. Snacking on cicada by biting them out of the air. Running. Getting belly scratches. Helping baby bunnies back to their nest.

Interrupt Delivers
Interrupt Delivers