Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

We Deliver: Strategic. Creative. Results.

Interrupt succeeds only when our clients succeed. Our measure of success is when we enable our clients to meet and exceed their stated business goals, and help them differentiate their brand to outperform the marketplace. We are more than their agency; we are their business partner.



Our Values

Interrupt’s culture is embodied in the value we bring to our customers’ business and brand, the environment we create as a team, and the impact we make in our community. We live our values in our daily actions, and they are on the back of our business cards as a constant reminder.



We are:


Everything we do is with a focus on the results. We are competitive — settling for nothing less than outcomes that reach and exceed the goal. From helping our clients win in the marketplace to supporting our community, it is the outcome we achieve that defines our clients, our company and ourselves.


We hire the smartest and most dedicated people. Interrupt team members think differently and solve problems in unique ways. We help clients redefine and simplify their path to success, enabling them to outsmart and outperform their competitors. 


It’s our job to lead our clients’ thinking, and we always start by asking insightful questions. Questions others don’t ask, leveraging our deep expertise. Ones that stretch our clients, ourselves and the industry’s status quo — uncovering new ways of thinking that deliver unmatched results. 


We provide thought leadership and creative solutions that help our clients find their unique 1% differentiation. By engaging in the market every day, we have unique insight into the industry, trends and channels. We know each audience’s decision processes and needs, helping us deliver compelling solutions that connect our clients’ brands more powerfully to their key audiences.


Extraordinary thinking and execution comes only when we all work together — collaborating, debating and challenging each other and our clients — working collectively to achieve shared success. You will find no other company as engaged in the industry we serve or the local community we support. 


It’s simple, we strive always to do the right thing – for our clients, team and community.