We carpe the hell outta the diem

We’re not here to tell you everything is alright. We’re here to stretch you. Test your limits. And make you uncomfortable. That’s how we unleash your brand’s true potential.

Welcome to interrupt, a brand distillery

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Niche is a less braggy word for expert

But hey, we’re not afraid to say it! We’re experts in the building materials industry. We live and breathe home improvement and enjoyment products. Our expertise and proven process allow us to challenge assumptions and help you reach untapped opportunities.

what actually happens in a brand distillery?

It’s our unique process. We take in numerous inputs and filter out all the stuff that dilutes and confuses brands to distill the essence of what makes each one 110% awesome.

Ready to get distilled? Step up to the bar and let’s get started.

Interrupt Brand Distillery - creative agency

1. Discover: Gather input from every possible angle and source

2. Filter: Sift with deep expertise to uncover unexpected insights

3. Heat: Comfortable evaporates, bits of awesomeness bubble up

4. Refine: Push, pull, stretch, create, sharpen, test, repeat

5. Unleash: Your unique brand essence is ready to enjoy and share



More than a project shop. More than a full-service agency. We’re your brand champion and business partner. We develop and execute big ideas across multiple touchpoints, packing sound business strategy and results into top-shelf creative.

discovery & insights

We dig deep into the data to find the nuggets of insight and help uncover your brand’s true potential.

  • MarketPath Assessment
  • Category & Competitor Assessment
  • Persona Development
  • Activation Roadmap
  • Defining KPIs


We distill your brand down to its own special blend of awesomeness, then help you infuse it into the things you make, do and say every day.

  • Brand Architecture
  • Positioning & Voice
  • Identity System
  • Visual Roadmap


We develop and execute inspired creative that creates a unique and relevant brand presence throughout the channel.

  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Advertising & PR
  • Digital
  • Social
  • Experiential


We live results, continually measuring and evolving our strategies to optimize outcomes and inform the next level of insights.

  • Media Optimization
  • Program Tracking
  • Campaign Dashboard
  • KPI Scorecard
  • ROI Assessment

pick our brain

Knowledge has no purpose if we keep it to ourselves. Hire us to come speak at your event or bring your team to us for a hands-on workshop to get more awesome insights.

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